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The Wedding Cake

A fundamental part of a wedding is the CAKE! And who doesn't love cake? All wedding cakes are specifically and carefully designed according to the couple's vision. 


Cake Cost & Info: Starting prices are at $4.00 per serving (80 serving size minimum). All wedding cakes are delivered to the venue.

Deposits are required for all orders. 

Tasting boxes are available for $25, and these include 5 flavors and 5 fillings of choice.

Elopement Cake

A small wedding cake is as important as the big one! The recent pandemic has taught us that personal events are very important in life. So let's celebrate with a piece of cake!

Cake cost & Info: Starting price is $65. This includes floral and cake topper arrangements. Delivery is not required, they can be picked up by the client. 

Cake tasting boxed are also available for this type of events. 

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